Release 1.3: The Straits Update

Welcome to a new arc of the Campaign, focusing on the island city of Northfrost and the nearby Straits of Concordance! This Release takes care of some minor housekeeping updates.

A major update will follow soon: rumors in the nearby taverns speak of exciting features, including mysterious Classes known as the Ashavir, Binder, and Foggernaut…


Players can now choose from their own selection of Class Cantrips and a library of Common Cantrips shared between Classes. Cantrip slots are unlocked at Level 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, and 20.

Rare and exclusive Cantrips can be obtained from Shops, Quests, and Adventures.

Character Sheet Changes

Spellbook renamed to Talents and completely reworked. The new Talent page is intended to be clearer at displaying a large selection of Spells and Skills, as well as making room for more Cantrip slots.

Class Changes


Blessed Touch AP cost reduced from 4 to 3.

Blossom of Light now grants Blood Points and Mana instead of Healing and Mana.

Confession Cantrip removed from the game.

Constellation AP cost reduced from 6 to 3.

Sanctify reworked to grant Blood Points. Now costs 14% of Maximum Mana.


Blinding Trap can no longer be Resisted with a Saving Throw.

Talents page now displays the Battlefield color key of Traps for easier identification.

Treasure Hunter

Identify Scroll Cantrip removed from the game.

Identify Liquid Cantrip removed from the game.


Void Bolt no longer deals Damage.


Bull Strength AP cost reduced from 4 to 0.

Bull Strength no longer has a chance to fail when used on Creatures that are Huge or greater in size.

Shield Mastery Talent’s Block value gained from Constitution has been slightly increased.

Thunderous Smite AP cost reduced from 4 to 2.

Vindicator Talents that generate additional Presence (causing Enemies to Focus on the caster) are now marked with special indicators. Talents will display between one and three special markers depending on the amount of Presence generated.


Player crafting has been removed from the game. But worry not – save those Resources! An exciting new system of item production will be unveiled soon.


Pickpocket reworked to Filch. It can now be used to attempt to steal or conceal small (palm-sized) items from anywhere, rather than just pockets.


All characters now have 6 slots in their basic Backpack, regardless of level.

Pods stat removed from the game.

Prospecting stat removed from the game.