Recap: Session 69

With a squelch, Garrius made one titanic thrust into the Mama Bwork’s weakness – ending it once and for all.

In stunned silence, the survivors helped stabilise their downed friends. All that remained of the burst corpse of the Mana Bwork was a Bworker Trove Key. Then, exhausted yet victorious, the party used Tenser’s Floating Disc to leave this birthing chamber.

The Bworker Trove Key fit the chest in the centre of the castle. Inside, the Party found powerful items. And once they had divided the spoils, they hurried back to Faliene. They were conscious that this castle was almost stripped of all its forces. When they arrived back at Faliene, they saw why. The entire city was overrun with rampant Bworks.

For some time, the Party helped the Queensguard hold off the Bworks. Then their plan became clear. With one all-out assault, the Bworks intended to breach the Heart of the Forest. They wished to use its magical energy to spawn a new Mama Bwork – and breed an army. The Party rushed there.

At the Water Transit, Garrius discovered several Queensguard beset by Cybworks. Worse, they were about to explode. He triggered his Divine Intervention. Then without hesitation, Garrius tumbled into the fray, saving the lives of several Queensguard. Addie and her friends floated above on Tenser’s Floating Disc, helping the stragglers to safety.

Yet more obstacles waited within the Heart of the Forest. The Party fought and swam past, striving to reach Queen Telarissa.

The Tree withered away with each passing second. Two Cybworks stood ready to annihilate everything in sight. Queen Telarissa herself lay dying.

Using a combination of Sylas’s scrolls, and the party’s boldness in such a confined space, they eliminated the Cybworks. Yet from beyond the bridge, more rushing feet could be heard.

With the Cybworks dispatched, the Crown Prince Latirus leapt to his mother’s side. His face was twisted in pain. Tears cut tracks down his dark skin. Meanwhile, the pounding feet of more enemy forces approached. Commander Ryeletha shared one final tender moment with Sol One-Arm. He had lived under the mistaken belief she rejected him because he lost a limb. In fact, she saw Latirus’s dislike for other races, and chose not to continue seeing Sol, out of fear of offending her future King.

Latirus cried, and vowed to bring a stop to such prejudices. He declared the Company of Six as Elf-Friends. The Company formed ranks with Ryeletha and Latirus to defend the Queen one last time. But the approaching forces turned out to be Prince Zanaki, along with a full company of Spellweavers. Everyone breathed bubbles of relief.

And for one more reason. Queen Telarissa’s wounds were perhaps not as severe as it first seemed. Maybe she wished to jolt Latirus into acting like the future King he would become. She was able to recover, and together, the Elves began to direct the rebuilding of their town.

Just one matter remained. In Sylas’s pocket lay a Bwork Seed. Queen Telarissa explained this was one last tiny fragment of the Mama Bwork. It could be used for many purposes – to rejuvenate the race of Bworks, or even stamp them out entirely.

The Party considered this grave decision for some time. But their thoughts were interrupted by Augustus. He wasn’t sure what this Seed was, but it looked interesting. One hand shot out. Before anyone could react, there was swallowing, and a belch. The Bwork Seed was destroyed… forever?