Class Cantrips

Arcanist Cantrips

Ashavir Cantrips

Blazing Bridge: Creates a small passable bridge or ramp made of light.
Chorus of Shards: Deals a small amount of Damage to all Adjacent Creatures.
Clarion Call: Speaks in a booming voice that can be heard up to 10 Squares away.

Binder Cantrips

Binding Pact: Converts 1d8 HP from a Summon into Mana for the Binder.
Bless Army: Grants all Allies a Bonus that grows in power if more Allies are present.
Effortless Armor: Gives the Binder a small bonus to Armor Class for a short time.

Foggernaut Cantrips

Dweomer Retaliation: Delivers a small blast of steam to Enemy Targets.
Hidden Spring: Creates an endless source of water that can be concealed.
Obsidian Flow: Converts small amounts of materials into sharp molten glass.

Infiltrator Cantrips

Chill Blade: Adds a small debilitating Effect to your Weapon Attacks.
Decompose: Turns a small amount of organic matter into flowers and grass.
Visual Acuity: Once per day, tries to find the way to a chest or hidden passage.

Priest Cantrips

Hand of Radiance: Light erupts from your hand, dealing a little Spell Damage.
Power Word: Fortitude: Grants all Allies a moderate amount of Blood Points.
Sending: Mentally communicate with friends at a vast distance.

Ranger Cantrips

Sacrier Cantrips

Shifter Cantrips

Treasure Hunter Cantrips

Dig: Digs for small items left in the ground.
Safety Rope: Pulls Medium Creatures or objects one Square closer to you.
Scoop: Creates a floating controllable jug to scoop liquids or objects.

Trickster Cantrips

Control Flames: Grow or extinguish flames or cause them to change color.
Create Bonfire: Creates a cube of flame. Deals Damage if under Creatures.
Magic Stone: Once per day, create a Magic Stone with various minor effects.

Vindicator Cantrips

Glow: Adds a small illuminating glow to your Weapon.
Shatter: Grants Advantage when breaking down doors or small objects.
Thunderclap: Creates a loud noise and deals a small amount of AoE Damage.

Wizard Cantrips

Mage Hand: Controls a spectral hand to perform simple tasks at a distance.
Summon Familiar: Spawns a familiar that can accept simple instructions.
Tenser’s Floating Disc: Summons a controllable floating disc to carry matter.