Common Cantrips

Cantrips are minor Spells that usually cost no Mana or AP, and usually have no Cooldown. Each Class can choose from the selection of Cantrips below. More than one Player can choose the same Common Cantrip.

Many undiscovered Cantrips exist in the world. It is possible to discover these on your travels, and unlock them for this list.

Armor of Agathys

Imbues your armor with a visual Effect of icicles and frost. The next Attack made against you causes the Attacker to suffer 1d6 Spell Damage.


Creates a light wind that grants Advantage on Checks made against severe heat and noxious vapors.


Summons a small downpour to soak a chosen Creature or object.

Primal Savagery

Bites or claws a chosen Creature with acid, dealing 1d10 Spell Damage.


Strikes a chosen Creature with an improvised physical Attack. Deals 1d3 Physical Damage plus 10% of your Weapon Damage.


Once per day, grants a chosen Creature Advantage on one Saving Throw.


Causes an object to grow mild corrosion or rust if it is susceptible to these Effects.

Tunnel Vision

See and sense whatever any small Creature does. The Range is unlimited on the same Plane. You are Incapacitated while you channel.


Once per day, Heals a chosen Creature for 2d4 HP. Does not benefit from Heals.