Level Six


Drift Trap

AP: 3 | Mana: 10% | Range: 1

Places a Trap occupying one Square. The first Creature entering the Trap takes 1d8 Spell Damage and is knocked back two Squares.


Sigil: Intensity

AP: 3 | Mana: 4% | CD: 4 | Range: 1

Places an invisible Infiltrator’s Sigil over one Trap. When this Trap is triggered, its effects are doubled.



AP: 4 | Mana: 18% | CD: 0 | Range: 1

Lashes out at a Creature for 2d10 Weapon Damage. Each active Trap reduces the AP cost of this Spell by 1.

Level Seven



AP: 5 | Mana: 28% | CD: 6 | Range: 1

Doubles a Creature’s current Poison.


Tools of the Trade

Passive Benefit

At the start of your Turn, you may choose to reposition one Active Trap to any Square within Line of Sight, regardless of Range. Doing so deactivates all other Active Traps.


Riddle With Holes

AP: 6 | Mana: 18% | CD: 2 | Range: 1

Rapidly attack an Enemy Creature, striking for 1x Weapon Damage for each Trap currently Active. These Attacks cannot Miss.

Level Eight


Splitting Blow

AP: 2 | Mana: 6% | CD: 0 | Range: 1

Repels all Creatures two Squares backwards from a chosen Square or Creature. Does not break Stealth or require Line of Sight.


Paralysing Poison

AP: 3 | Mana: 20% | CD: 0 | Range: 1

Applies 1d3 Poison to a chosen Creature and reduces its MP by the same amount for one Turn.



Passive Benefit | CD: 3

The next Basic Attack or Spell Targeted against you misses. You can still be affected by environmental damage and Area Effects.