Grievous Effects

These Grievous Effects are inflicted randomly when striking with the Mysterious Tunneling Device. Effects are removed when the Target completes a Long Rest or dies. More Effects are revealed when striking with the Weapon.

Doubt: All Weapon Damage this Creature does is reduced by 25%.

Babify: The Creature shrinks three Size Categories. It loses 25% of its Maximum HP and gains 50% increased AC.

Bound Mirror: Next time this Creature casts a Spell, you cast the same Spell for free. One charge.

Normality: The Creature cannot use more than one Ability per Turn.

Regret: At the end of the Target Creature’s Turn, it loses 10 HP for each 1 AP it spent during its Turn.

Tomb Raider: At the end of the Creature’s Turn, it transfers one Item at random from its inventory to yours.

TURBO: At the start of this Creature’s Turn it has a 10% chance to grant you 1 Temporary AP for your next Turn.

Writhe: The Creature can no longer escape by retreating to the edge of the Battlefield.