Northfrost is a huge port city on an island in the Straits of Concordance. One of the Empire’s most important ports, it is a hive of trade and commerce – as well as villainy. Its sprawling layout sometimes makes it difficult for authorities to control criminal syndicates. The Imperial Shipyards are the city’s most prominent feature.

1. Map

  1. Grand Temple of Krater.
  2. The Hippodrome.
  3. Imperial Shipyards.
  4. Fort Valiant.
  5. Commercial District.
  6. Driftwood Town.
  7. Sailors’ District.
  8. Customs Lodge.
  9. Keelstone Town.
  10. The Bluffs.
  11. Cape of Fortune.

The towns of Driftwood and Keelstone have their own separate entries in the Atlas.

2. Shops and Services

A Hero’s Welcome

One of the higher-quality Inns in the Commercial District. This building is a haven for adventurers and mercenaries. Here, one may rest, eat a hearty meal, and conduct all manner of deals.

Good Quality Private Chambers.
Sleeps two. Includes one hot meal.
Price: 50 silver.

Bjorn’s Metalshop

The northerner Bjorn Ice-Heart can be seen at all hours working the forge. He creates the finest Armor and Weapons.

Atropal Harness (Rare Body).

Quality 300.
+16 Strength. +40 Weapon Damage.
-4 Intellect. -14 Wisdom.

Stock: 1.
Price: 24 gold.

Doomblade Cleaver (Rare Weapon).

Quality 266.
Deals 4d4 Physical Damage.
On Hit: 20% Chance to inflict 1d8 Poison for 3 Turns.

Stock: 4.
Price: 9 gold 12 silver.

Esmerelda’s Corner

In this unusual little cranny, the Wizard Esmerelda auctions off items found on her adventures.

Avangion Relic (Common Artifact).

Quality 108.
Passive Effect: If you end your Turn without Blood Points, gain 1d8 Blood Points.

Stock: 7.
Price: 1 gold 58 silver.

Mystic Circlet (Common Head).

Quality 144.
+4 Intellect. +4 Wisdom.
+4 Constitution. +8 Mana.

Stock: 5.
Price: 1 gold 29 silver.

Nine-Lives Hat (Rare Head).

Quality 226.
+4 Stealth. +2 Weapon Chance.
+22 Mana.

Stock: 4.
Price: 11 gold 5 silver and one House Token.

Nine-Lives Repeater (Rare Weapon).

Quality 263.
Deals 1d10 Physical Damage.
On Hit: 20% Chance to Polymorph Target into a kitten for one Turn.

Stock: 3.
Price: 8 gold 25 silver and one House Token.

Mountainheart Furnace

There is practically a small army of Dwarfs hard at work in this scorching-hot chamber.

Bloodstained Iron Chain (Uncommon Accessory).

Quality 134.
+1 Acrobatics. +1 Athletics.
+18 HP. +16 Mana.

Stock: 11.
Price: 2 gold 33 silver.

Sempiternal Salts and Reagents Alike

Temporarily closed for repairs.

The Coven Cavern

Rumor has it that some of the city’s darkest denizens gather here to sell wares…

Mad Sycophant’s Bloody Cowl (Rare Head).

Quality 226.
+24 Intellect. +2 Spell Chance.
-5% Parry.

Set: Mad Sycophant’s Tools (3).

Stock: 1.
Price: 16 gold 75 silver.

Mad Sycophant’s Grips (Rare Hands).

Quality 230.
+6 Wisdom. +54 Mana. +12 Spell Damage.
-8% Toughness.

Set: Mad Sycophant’s Tools (3).

Stock: 1.
Price: 11 gold 11 silver.

Mad Sycophant’s Robes (Rare Body).

Quality 200.
+2 Weapon Chance. +2 Critical Chance.
-1 Death Save Chance.

Set: Mad Sycophant’s Tools (3).

Stock: 2.
Price: 8 gold 80 silver and 2 House Tokens.

The Mother’s Kiss (Uncommon Accessory).

Quality 170.
+2 Use Device. +2 Disarm Trap.
+3 Wisdom. +4 Constitution.

Stock: 6.
Price: 6 gold 71 silver.