The treetop town of Faliene is an important, yet isolated, Elf stronghold. Its primary purpose is to defend a buried secret: an underground lake, and a tree, the Heart of the Forest, that support the vitality of all Elves in the Westmark.

Though it faces threats from all sides, Faliene is well-shielded by the Queensguard and its Warrior-Spellcasters, all equipped in golden armor.

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4. Shops and Services

Shops and Services in the Elf town of Faliene are slowly getting back to normal after the recent Bwork invasion.

All the RAGE

A collaboration between veteran warriors Sol One-Arm and Thatto, this shop brings in Weapons and Armor for the Queensguard.

Boneshield Buckler (Uncommon Accessory).

Quality 188.
+8% Parry. +10 Block.

Stock: 12.
Price: 3 gold 34 silver.

Lost One’s Hauberk (Uncommon Body).

Quality 200.
+6 Wisdom. +4% Magic Resistance.
+7 Heals.

Stock: 8.
Price: 4 gold 21 silver.

The Slamhammer (Uncommon Weapon).

Quality 280.
Deals 2d16 Physical Damage.

Stock: 4.
Price: 5 gold 1 silver.

Creature Sanctuary

The Creature Sanctuary allows Elves and their guests to purchase Blessings from some of the Westmark Forest’s most mysterious beings. The Elves are gradually starting to raise more Creatures after Bworks recently overran Faliene. They charge high prices for their precious beasts.

Bilby (Epic Accessory).

Quality 366.
+1 Critical Chance. +82 Mana.

Stock: 2.
Price: 5 Royal Lemon Jelly.

El Scarador (Rare Accessory).

Quality 280.
+10% Toughness. +10% Magic Resistance.

Stock: 1.
Price: 100 Golden Scaraleaf Wings.

Groogler (Rare Accessory).

Quality 230.
+115 HP.

Stock: 1.
Price: 100 Tritun Skin.

Mini Wa (Epic Accessory).

Quality 360.
+16 Dexterity.
+4 Filch. +4 Lockpick.

Stock: 1.
Price: 20 Cuwsed Cawwot.

Minifoux (Epic Accessory).

Quality 356.
+2 Weapon Chance. +12 Weapon Damage.
Passive Effect: You act before all Enemies in every Combat.

Stock: 1.
Price: 5 Scorching Foux Condyle.

Snowfoux (Rare Accessory).

Quality 330.
+9 Intellect. +4 AC.

Stock: 1.
Price: 5 Icy Snowfoux Condyle.

Forest’s Blessings

In this store, the Elves sell a variety of surplus magical items crafted by their Spellweavers.

Agony-Bound Halo (Uncommon Accessory).

Quality 152.
+12 Wisdom. +12 Charisma.
-44 HP.

Stock: 6.
Price: 1 gold 44 silver.

Ancient Wolf Casque (Uncommon Head).

Quality 140.
+4 Strength. +4 Dexterity.
+20 Mana.

Stock: 4.
Price: 2 gold 18 silver.

Tower of Ishinai (Uncommon Weapon).

Quality 260.
Deals 1d12 Physical Damage.
+16 Wisdom.

Stock: 10.
Price: 7 gold 73 silver.

Silverthorn (Epic Head).

Quality 362.
+4 AC.
Passive Effect: You can no longer be affected by Poison or Disease.

Stock: 1.
Price: 5 gold 10 silver and 4 Indium.

Thatto’s Rest Stop

Though the owner, Thatto, is rarely found here – as he is often out sourcing new Weapons to sell – this Inn provides simple, yet comfortable surroundings for guests to spend the night. Temporarily closed for repairs.

Trading House

A general goods store providing equipment and supplies for travellers. Temporarily closed for repairs.